artArctica is a group of artists with a passion for the Arctic. Our vision is to create an open, multiarts event and present diverse perspectives on the Arctic nature and people: what does the Arctic mean to the people living in it? What can the Arctic also be, other than what we think it already is?

Right now we are working on producing a music album featuring tracks recorded by our 2017 festival’s musicians and poets, due to be released at the end of the summer, and are preparing our first Ecology Lab in Norway. We are also building up towards a larger, bigger festival in 2019, so if you want to be involved get in touch!

Our artArctica festival 2017 was a huge success, with over 30 artists performing and exhibiting, discussions bringing together scientists, activists, and artists, and a very special, first ever artArctica residency, which took place in Helsinki 9-11.2.2017. The residency artists showcased their works in progress in events, exhibitions, and discussions during the festival.

In February 2016 we organised our first artArctica festival, which was a successful three-day international and multiarts festival. We had the pleasure of hosting over 40 artists from 8 different Arctic countries, and, inspired by the enthusiasm for the festival, in October 2016 we published poem.a: an anthology celebrating the Arctic which included poetry, prose, drawings, and comics, and involved a total of 29 artists from 11 countries and content in five languages.

This is, of course, the easy story. If you press us more, we’ll say we are a community of creatives aiming to inspire understanding across cultures and raise awareness about the environment through our passion for the Arctic. We do this through the arts, discussions, research, and story-telling. We blog, organize wilderness expeditions, workshops and performances – we thrive on adventure, artistic exchange, and dialogue.

We are a small team of artists passionate about the Arctic. You will find more about who we are, our activities, articles written by our inspired team of contributors, and our contact and social media links. We are constantly looking to expand our network and bring together new artists and organisations in the festival, so if this sounds interesting feel free to get in touch!