artArctica is a group of artists with a passion for the Arctic. The project’s main focus is producing artArctica festival, an international and multi-disciplinary event presenting diverse perspectives on what is the Arctic. Our first production in February 2016 was a successful three-day festival, which included over 40 artists from 8 different Arctic countries. In October 2016 we published poem.a, an anthology celebrating the Arctic which included poetry, prose, drawings, and comics, and involved a total of 29 artists from 11 countries and content in five languages.

We are currently producing artArctica festival 2017, which will take place in Helsinki 9-11.2.2017. Together with the festival we are launching our first ever artArctica residency, which will take place one week before the festival. The residency artists will showcase their works in progress in events, exhibitions, and discussions during the festival.

This is, of course, the easy story. If you press us more, we’ll say we are a community of creatives aiming to inspire understanding across cultures and raise awareness about the environment through our passion for the Arctic. We do this through the arts, discussions, research, and story-telling. We blog, organize wilderness expeditions, workshops and performances – we thrive on adventure, artistic exchange, and dialogue.

This is our website and main source of information for our network. You will find more about who we are, our activities, articles written by our inspired team of contributors, and our contact and social media links.