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Utsjoki – Ohcejohka

In the far north of Finnish Lapland lies the town of Utsjoki. When you drive into town, you won’t see much apart from Annukan Grilli, the local pub, a rather expensive grocery store called Uulan säästö (Ulla’s savings), a legal support office called VUOIGATVUODAVEAHKKEDOAIMMAHAT in Saami, and the Pub Rastigaisa – which rightfully refers to itself as the heart of Utsjoki. The beauty of Utsjoki is in its surroundings; the sunsets seen from the Saami bridge, and the frogs hopping into ponds on the tunturi.  For me, Utsjoki is a place of feeling better expressed by poetry than prose.

Look out into the forest,

See where the reindeer run

Glimpse endless swamps outreaching

Towards never-setting sun.

Seeking to find answers,

When everything is done,

But all you find is questions

Evading setting sun.

Photos © Zuri Burns

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