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our organising team

katarina sjöblom

co-artistic director

Katarina (FI) is a creative violinist and political sciences student. #dance #helsinki #på_svenska

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laonikos psimikakis-chalkokondylis

co-artistic director

Laonikos (GR/FI) is a creative arts and wilderness professional, who bakes bread regularly. #dance #humour #greeklish

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alicia burns

co-artistic director

Alicia (US/NZ/FI) is a travelling singer with a passion for the wilderness. #helsinki #dance #på_norsk

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cyril sjöström

network assistant

Cyril (DE/FI) is an upcoming creative producer, currently residing in Helsinki.

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our network

tone bjordam

visual artist

Tone (NO) makes projects related to nature, perception and ecology. She works with videos, animation films, nature photography, abstract paintings, intricate, detailed drawings and geometrical sculptures.

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timon brüggemann

wilderness guide

Timon (DE/NO) is a guide of the icy north and organizer of extraordinary experiences in the Svalbard and Jan Mayen area.

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carmen braden

composer, environmental musician

Carmen Braden (CA) is a composer, performer, and environmental musician, whose work includes contemporary classical compositions, soundtrack production, field recording – all inspired by the sounds of Canada’s sub-Arctic.

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zuri burns

musician, ecology student

Zuri (US/NZ) is an adventure-loving ecology student and cellist with an avid interest in preserving and caring for all regions of the earth and a fascination for the Arctic.

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heini ernamo


Heini (FI) is a Werbeck singer (soprano) with a keen interest in birds and a reverence for wild places of the North.

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georgis grigorakis

writer, director, editor

Georgis (GR) is a film-maker and scrip-writer. He is directing short films, creative documentaries and commercials, whilst developing his debut feature project.

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ole jørgen hammeken

explorer, actor

Ole (GRL/DK) is a Greenlandic explorer and actor. He features in the 2010 feature film Inuk.

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tiina itkonen


Tiina (FI) lives and works in Helsinki, and has travelled regularly to Greenland to photograph the polar landscapes and people since 1995.

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amanda kauranne

folk musician

Amanda Kauranne (FI) uses folk music as her fuel for her songs, performances, radio programmes and texts. She lives for and through soundscapes and finds most of her inspiration in the different surfaces of nature.

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pauli kopu

creative director

Pauli (FI/US) is Creative Director of KLOK creative agency. He is constantly looking to combine his interest and experience in the moving image with the limitless possibilities of the Internet – from both business and creative point of view.

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Casey Koyczan

musician / film-maker / new media

Casey Koyczan (CA) is an artist, musician, film-maker, and event-planner from Yellowknife, NT. His music houses a dynamic variation of influences from multiple genres, and presents live-looping compositions that are inspired by anecdotes of life in the North.

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photographer, graphic design

Lorenzö (FR/FI) is a photographer who lives and works in Helsinki, with a passion for the Far North. He is also the designer of artArctica’s logo.

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tuuli malla

artist and urbanist

Tuuli (FI) is an artist and urbanist interested in place and identity, and creates site-specific installations and performances. Her aim is to bring together everyday life and art.

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christelle mas

visual/plastic artist

Christelle (FR/FI) is a visual and plastic artist from France, who fell in love with the Arctic and now lives in the north of Finland.

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fion mckibben

blog author

Fion (US/NZ) is a student of pharmacy with a keen interest in icy realms of the North and South.

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galya morrell

adventure artist

Galya (RU) is a nomadic adventure artist, creating in a number of different countries in the Arctic.

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Eija Mäkivuoti

photographic artist

Eija (FI) lives and works in Helsinki. She is the chair of Tjaldur, makes long term photo documentaries and just recently published a photo book about the Faroe Islands, where she has worked since 2008.

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gesa piper

contemporary dancer

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our collaborators / partners



The Finnish-Faroese friendship association Tjaldur cultivates the ties between the Faroe Islands and Finland. Tjaldur organises events, creating platforms, meeting places and networks for grass root level culture collaborations between the two countries, and spreading awareness of Faroese culture in Finland and vice versa. Tjaldur is also hosting a Faroese Fund which grants young Faroese […]

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sámi culture

City-Sámit (FI) is an organisation which engages in a variety of activities supporting Sámi culture in Helsinki, where the biggest concentration of Sami people is located. They support aspects of the culture such as children’s language learning, music events, city-Sámi youth activities, and so on.

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global music centre

musical institution

The Global Music Centre is one of Finland’s musical institutions. Its key task is to collect, record and distribute information about musical cultures from around the world. The Centre aims to promote understanding between people across cultural boundaries, through music.

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nanoq arctic museum


Arctic Museum Nanoq (FI) is a museum in the west of Finland dedicated to the Arctic. It features collections and exhibits from all over the Arctic, especially Greenland, and is managed by Pentti Kronqvist.

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suomen arktinen klubi


The Finnish Arctic Club (FI) is a nation-wide association which brings together people who have travelled in or are interested about the Arctic.

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Skábmagovat Film Festival


Skábmagovat Film Festival (FI) is a world-acclaimed indigenous people’s film festival. Since 1999. It takes place every year in Inari, Finland, at the end of January, during Kaamos (the period of the year during which the sun doesn’t rise.) The films are projected outdoors, on a screen and benches made of ice.

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Uummannaq Polar Institute


Uummannaq Polar Institute (GL) is an umbrella for the outdoor activities undertaken by the Uummannaq Children’s Home. It’s purpose is to promote educational programmes for young Inuit children that reside in the Children´s Home.

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vapaan taiteen tila

arts space

Vapaan Taiteen Tila (FI) is an arts space managed by the University of the Arts, Helsinki. With more than 600m² of underground space, it used to be a safety bunker and is now available for organising arts events by students and alumni of the University of the Arts.

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