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FRIDAY 12.2 – 20:00

Skábmagovat is an acclaimed yearly indigenous film festival taking place in Inari, Finland. In this collaboration with Skábmagovat, we have put together a hand-picked selection of short films from the Arctic, for you to enjoy. No more words, here’s the programme for the evening.

Entrance is €10, and VjVjj will be performing before the screening. Tickets available here.
Total screening duration: 91′

Egil Pederson

Várjjatvuotnala??at / Portraits from Varangifjord

Sápmi, Norway / 2013 / 13′ / Sámi

With beautiful cinematography, this touching portrait from Nesseby, Finnmark, shows the strong connections to nature and Sámi traditions held by those who live in the small community.

Anne Merete Gaup

Eahparaš – Dead Soon After Birth

Sápmi, Norway / 2011 / 7′ / Sámi

The old man living in a nursing home is considered demented. One day, a new nurse suddenly finds a way into his world. This is the beginning of a trip that changes the lives of both the nurse and the man.

Theo Tsappos

Stoerre vaerie / Northern Great Mountain

Sápmi, Sweden / 2015 / 15′ / Swedish, Sámi

Elle, 78, does not like Sámi but says she is a Swede. On returning, unwillingly, north to attend her sister’s funeral, she must face her shame and the truth about her identity.

Alethea Arnaquq-Baril

Aviliaq: Entwined

Canada / 2014 / 15′ / French, Inuit

Set in a 1950’s Inuit community, Aviliaq tells the story of two Inuit lesbians struggling to stay together in a new world run by outsiders.

Silja Somby

Áile Ja Áhkku / Áile & Grandmother

Sápmi, Norway / 2015 / 12′ / Norwegian, Sámi

Grandmother and Aile are close to one another and Grandmother teaches Aile the powers of Nature and healing, however Aile has a secret that puts their bond to the ultimate test, forcing Aile to open up, but can she save their relationship?

Marja Helander

Dolastallat / Having a campfire

Finland, Russia / 2016 / 5′

Shot in Kola Peninsula in Russia, this film is about Sámi people and an old myth about bears, but in a modern, even a bit funny way.

Aka Hansen

Nuna Qorsooqqittoq / Grøn Land / Green Land

Greenland / 2009 / 24′ / Greenlandic

Aka Hansen makes a trip to Southern Greenland to find out what today’s young people there think about the global situation, the climate change and the future.

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