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artArctica residency 2017

As part of artArctica festival 2017, we launched a pilot artistic residency, which took place one week prior to the festival. The aim of the residency was to stimulate development of already existing work or creation of new work arising from new collaborations between the residency participants. We hosted a total of ten participants from different countries and disciplines.

Final artworks, works in progress, discussions, performances — these were interweaved with the rest of the festival content, which as a wonderful opportunity to meet the artists, hear about their work, and experience their work first-hand during the festival.


Randi Brecke


Randi Brecke is a dancer and visual artist from Moss, Norway. She contributed with on-site sunrise birdsong recordings in “Luftballett”, a Public Art Norway-funded art-festival in Bergen.

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Jaime Culebro

Mexico / Finland

Jaime is a photographer, audiovisual producer, activist and engineer specialised in water treatment. He summarises his photographic work as a “mixture of cinematic style peppered with darkness and mystery”.

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Reuben Fenemore

Japan / Iceland

Reuben is a musician, composer and creative currently living in Reykjavik, Iceland. His creative output is varied but centred on creating experiences, storytelling and cross-arts collaborations.

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Amanda Kauranne


Amanda uses folk music as fuel for her songs, performances, radio programmes and texts. She lives for and through soundscapes, finding most of her inspiration in the different surfaces of nature.

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Alice Maselnikova

Czech Republic / Sweden

Alice is a Czech artist, curator and art coordinator currently based in Stockholm. Fond of (in alphabetical order): art, books, chess, cheese, jazz, nudes, whisky, wine and writing.

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Anni Savolainen


Anni is a writer, photographer, and is doing Media Studies. She recently worked for the Reykjavik International Film Festival.

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Lars Schmidt ‘Tali’


Based in Oslo, Lars is a poet, multidisciplinary artist and builder of bridges at the margins of art and deep ecological thinking. He also holds a Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design.

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Kelsey Schober

Alaska / Tasmania

Kelsey is an emerging dancer/choreographer from Alaska, curious about exploring the North and her relationship to it. She is currently in Tasmania as a part of Bates College’ Watson Fellowship 2016.

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Polina Shubina


Being a young explorer curious of any kind of art, Polina has some experience in theatre lighting design, sculpting, painting, singing and sailing across North Atlantic Ocean.

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Robin Young


Robin is a writer, and performer living in the Northwest Territories, Canada. He writes and performs many things: stories, articles, jokes, songs, comics, radio, improv and poetry.

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Kiki Ylimutka

creative entrepreneur

One of my passions is to help artists and creatives find their true potential and match it. Another passion of mine is to travel and connect to people.

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Linda Priha

dancer, performer

As a performer, artist and teacher I navigate my way in the fields of dance, performance art and experiential performances. I graduated as a master of arts from the Theatre Academy in Helsinki in 2008 before which I made my BA studies in the Turku Arts Academy.

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Jaana Valkama


Jaana is a researcher of religious studies, specialising in the worldviews and environmental issues of indigenous peoples in N. America. For Jaana, research means living, sharing, experiencing, and coming together for the well-being of the Earth.

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Lauri Jäntti


Lauri is an anthropologist of religion, encounter artist and social activist. He is inspired by bringing the aims of social sciences and artistic means together. He will be co-leading a workshop with Jaana Valkama.

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The residency workshops took place in Taidekoulu Maa, as well as in Vapaan Taiteen Tila, the main festival space. The artists presented their works in informal and formal events and performances/exhibitions in both spaces both before and during the festival. For more information check out our festival programme.


The residency is supported financially by Kulturkontakt Nord.

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